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  • The Engagement

    Nov 22, 12 • Design, Stories1 Comment
    The Engagement

    First things first: She had to say “yes.” The night went like this: I had told Stephanie about a month prior that I had done some design work for a local chef and as a repayment, he was going to come and cook us dinner that night. We really didn’t have a “special” place and [&hellip...

  • The Bridesmaids

    Feb 9, 13 • DesignNo Comments
    The Bridesmaids

    You’ve already seen how we asked the Groomsmen to be in our wedding and it was important to do something equally special for the girls. The idea was essentially the same, but “feminized.” Steph bought some mini champagne bottles, champagne glasses and chocolates. She packed all of the components into a little box and surprised [&hellip...

  • The Groomsmen

    Jan 21, 13 • Design1 Comment
    The Groomsmen

    I wanted to do something special for the guys in my wedding party. I thought a phone call or a “hey dude…” over dinner wouldn’t give me the opportunity to create something unique and memorable for the fellas. Each got a custom box that included a wedding-theme-designed Cigar, Whiskey & Deck of Cards. Here is [&hellip...

  • The Monogram

    Nov 25, 12 • DesignNo Comments
    The Monogram

    I jumped the gun a little bit on this one because I started designing our monogram before we had a particular theme picked out. Here are some of the sketches from the early ideas. The final design looked like this: (The “J” was designed to also include the infinity symbol.) Well, after all of that work, [&hellip...

  • The Colors

    Nov 22, 12 • DesignNo Comments
    The Colors

    Traditionally, the 20′s / Art Deco era had quite a bit of black & gold coloring. We wanted to try and stay true to that color palette, but also add our own flair to it. This included a plum color that Stephanie knew she wanted, as well as a gray color we both wanted. She [&hellip...

  • The Theme

    Nov 22, 12 • DesignNo Comments
    The Theme

    As I mentioned earlier, the venue was going to dictate our “theme” for the wedding. Stephanie and I are typically miles apart from agreeing on style in every aspect of our lives so I thought this was going to be a difficult decision. I was way wrong, it was unbelievably simple and went a little [&hellip...

  • The Venue

    Nov 22, 12 • DesignNo Comments
    The Venue

    We wasted no time in picking our venue for the wedding. We had decided that we wanted the venue to dictate our theme and print materials for the wedding instead of trying to find a venue to match the theme we wanted. Since I was designing everything, I was chomping at the bits to start [&hellip...